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Jesus Did Crack A Whip…But Not Very Often


Jesus clearing the temple.What are the heart-qualities and gifts resident in the people to whom you are most attracted in your workplace?  While high profile people with big personalities and a huge laugh are usually out front and visible, a gentle-spirited person with a quiet heart who is faithful and kind is also a highly treasured employee.  Christian influence is not always wielded by being the loudest and most vocal but by constant faithfulness, support and unassuming helpfulness to those around.

While interacting with friends in the marketplace and in social settings (such as the wedding at Cana of Galilee in John 2), Jesus probably enjoyed laughing, being personable, and speaking out when appropriate.  It is also easy to see Him as more of a listener than a speaker, more reflective than projecting, and more inclined toward a gentle and kind nature than being boisterous and outspoken.

Paul said in Philippians 4:5, “Let your gentle spirit be made known to all men.”  Do your co-workers see the side of you which is able to listen?  the gentle and caring side?  the side that thinks more than it speaks and is quiet enough to hear the subtle cries of a co-worker who is calling for help, advice, counsel or friendship?  Indeed, Paul, let us make our gentleness known to all those around us with whom we work daily!

Be quiet.  Speak softly when you have a choice.  Let your gentleness speak for you.  Jesus did crack the whip and clear the Temple – but not very often.  Model your workplace demeanor after the Spirit with which He operated on a daily basis.  If you take this seriously – a real challenge for Type A” take charge” personalities- you will really make today count. God bless your workday!

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