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Jesus Christ Had a Strategy in Creating a Team

fishermen 300x211 Jesus Christ Had a Strategy in Creating a Team

Simon Peter, Andrew, James and John

When people think about most often they reflect upon what he taught. There are powerful lessons to be learned in his parables and in his Sermon on the Mount. However, there are many great lessons to be learned by what Jesus did.

The recruitment of his is a powerful lesson for any team . The first that Jesus recruited were fishermen. Simon Peter, Andrew, James and John all were fishermen by trade. These were the first recruits that Jesus called to follow him.

The recruitment strategy of Jesus is very interesting. When he came to these four men he approached them in a personal way. He simply said, “Come follow me and I will make you fishers of men.” Basically what Jesus was saying was that his intention was to take what they knew and apply it to the Kingdom of .

So often, many leaders attempt to recruit people to work in their organization, business, charity group, or congregation with no intention of utilizing the and talents that they already possess. This is why many teams fail.

When people are placed into an environment where their personal abilities and are suppressed, frustrations and disappointments will evolve. One of the greatest calls that any has is to set goals for the organization and find those whose talents and can be utilized. Team leaders should never insinuate that the and talents of an individual are useless. Even though Jesus was attempting to build the kingdom of he allowed those four fishermen to believe that their -given talents could be used for a greater cause.

Why do so many employees or members of organizations seek a new place of service within the first year of their present occupation. Simply, there is a level of frustration that does not encourage their personal talents. Jesus understood this principle. People are more important than any other resource an organization possesses. That is why it is important for the to identify the talents of each team member.

Jesus understood that for these fishermen to commit to the kingdom of he had to meet them where they were by the seashore.

Who are you trying to recruit on your team today?

Are you speaking their language?

Do you truly appreciate their personal gifts and talents?

Are you meeting them where they are?

gives us some great advice by how he recruited his followers. There is nothing more important than the people you call to follow you.  How are you doing?

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 Jesus Christ Had a Strategy in Creating a Team

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 Jesus Christ Had a Strategy in Creating a Team
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