Is Your Job Tailored for You?

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Are you adding value to your workplace? Your daily work there should be contributing something significant to help achieve the over-arching goals that have been set forth.  As Christians, we have a tendency at times to dismiss the tangible or financial and simply relegate ourselves only to the world of the spiritual.  This is, indeed, unfortunate and even detrimental to workplace ministry because the Lord cares about productivity, profit, and the economy, too.  (For examples, see Matt. 24:45-51, Luke 13:6-9, Matt. 17:24-27 and many others.) So the question is: Are you contributing to the bottom-line goals of the company?  Some of you work in a context where there are no tangible or financial results.  For some of you, such results are precisely your greatest contributions to your workplace ministry.

Consider for a moment what Jesus said about this matter.  First, He makes it clear that non-productive branches are ultimately cut off and thrown into the fire. (John 15:6)  Though speaking spiritually, His precept can be applied to any aspect of life including your daily workplace.  He also said that wherever you go in His name and are not received, shake off the dust from your feet and move on. (Matt 10:14) It is poor stewardship to waste valuable time if it becomes evident that fruit is not forthcoming.  Additionally, it may be that you are well-received in your company but you simply are not a good fit there.  Cameron Hall, former senior marketing manager of Coca-Cola and Monsanto once said, “Don’t wait for someone to discover you’re not adding value; you know first. When you discover that about yourself, have the guts to stand up and say, ‘You know what?  I’m going to move on to something else.'”

Sounds a little extreme but… do you need to move on?  Assess your actual workplace contribution.  If you’re just treading water and not actually swimming toward a goal then it could be time for a change.  What is your real contribution?  (Of course you’re getting paid…but that isn’t the question.)  What are you doing to benefit others, help the company achieve its goals and- if in business- add to its bottom line?  Refuse to make excuses for yourself with spiritual rhetoric.  If you aren’t a good match with where you are, ask the Lord to bring a more tailored workplace fit.  If your office has not received you and you have never really been assimilated into a productive workplace mode then perhaps this is the Lord’s signal that it is time to go elsewhere.   Do all you can to add real value to the place where God has placed you.  If that’s what you are doing today, then praise Him with loud praise.  And if it isn’t, seek His direction until you can say that it is!

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