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Is Your Job Stressful? Why?

Is Your Job stressfulSometimes it is the nature of our job and the culture of our workplace that can lead us to feel overwhelmed. Although there is no escaping stress, jobs do vary in their expectations and intensity.

Some work factors that can add to feelings of stress:

Dictators for leaders

In some organizations, the main source of stress is the leader. The work environment will have more stress and unhappiness if the leader is uncaring, over critical, derogatory or drives the team as if they were a task-master, whipping the slaves to build the pyramids in ancient Egypt.

An organizational culture of unrealistic expectations

Sometimes it is more than a particular leader who is causing stress. It can be the whole work culture of the organization. If there is a culture of unrealistic expectations for the pace, quality and volume of work produced, then this will increase stress levels.

Ongoing unresolved conflict in the team

If workplace tensions are not resolved, then many in the team may feel an increasing stress level as they are either in the conflict or simply see the burning embers around them each day.

Ineffective team members adding pressure

Sometimes the workload would be very manageable …IF EVERYONE did what they were supposed to be doing. Ineffective or slack team members can increase the workload of the more conscientious in the team.

A huge workload and inadequate resources

At times it is simply the amount of work that has to be done with time pressures that causes workplace stress.

Ambiguous Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

It can be stressful if we are in a job where we either have no targets or expectations given to us or are in a job where the outcomes are fuzzy and hard to quantify.

Being in a people-helping profession

Those who work in a people-helping profession like doctors, nurses, counselors, teachers or pastors can often feel overwhelmed as they face a sea of people and their complicated needs with limited time and emotional resources.

Work that carries a high level of responsibility and consequences for mistakes.

In some jobs, if we make a mistake it may lead to some lost production or loss of profit, whereas in others it can lead to a loss of life.

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