Improving Your Serve

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Improving Your Serve

Are You Improving Your Serve?

A leader is not one who loves to run others, but one who carries water for his people so they can do their jobs. -Robert Townsend

Moses was a great leader appointed by God for a task that only he could accomplish. Sure he messed up, had some doubts and thought he couldn’t take on the task the Lord had for him, but he was a great leader. He spent time alone with God. He declared God’s messages to God’s people. He relied on the power of God to get them out of some very tight spots. He kept them fed and watered and generally taken care of. But like most leaders there came a time when the wheels came off. He was overtaken with the burden of leading. He thought his call demanded that he do it all for everyone all the time. That burden will overtake any leader. Many have found themselves burned out, depressed and exhausted from the burden of leadership. Moses’ father in law, who was not even a believer gave him some wise counsel. He basically said that the task was too hard for one person to take on, he needed to get some help. So, Moses took his advise and became the water boy.

Somewhere along the way we adopted the idea that a leader is the one that runs the show. Every leader has to fight the desire to lord over people, it’s just human nature. Over the years I have found that a leader is one who serves those he leads so that they can do what God has called them to do in the Kingdom. When a leader does this, trust is planted in the relationship. If he or she continues to cultivate this sort of thing in church or organization, trust will blossom and morale will go through the roof. Everyone wants to work and live in such an environment. No one I know desires to be under the oppressive rule of dictator where fear and paranoia are pervasive.

I used to joke with a friend of mine that he went to the Adolf Hitler School of Church Administration. Of course no such school exists, but he got my point. Many church leaders with “a my way or the highway attitude”, have fallen by the way side. It rarely has to do with the size of the church or the demands of the ministry. These men and women tend to think that if they cannot dominate and run folks, then they are not really a leader. Jesus NEVER led that way. He was a servant. He knew that in order to cultivate an environment of trust, he had to lay himself at the feet of those he was leading. Our King went all the way to the cross so that we would trust him.

So, it’s time to pick up your water bucket and run on the field!

Keep Lookin UP!!

Monty Hale

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