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How to Work Through Conflict

How to Work Through ConflictLet’s face it, it is impossible to get away from conflict. We see it on a large scale as we watch the news and hear of wars and turmoil around the world. We see it in our community, workplace and family. In fact, wherever there are people there will usually be some type of conflict.

This next series of emails will deal with conflict and hopefully help give you some insights and tips on how you can work through it more effectively. Let’s start by having a look at some basic concepts about conflict.

….Conflict is unavoidable. We see it in nature and we see it in our
homes. Even if we were alone on an island we would have to deal
with our inner conflicts.

….Conflict isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but the way that
it is handled can be. Conflict in itself sometimes has a value. There
are times when a better solution to a problem comes after some
conflicting ideas are wrestled through.

….Conflicts can damage relationships. Sometimes conflict
weakens the bond between people and other times it can lead to
permanent breaks in relationships.

….The ability to deal with conflict is a vital part of leadership. If you
are in leadership then you will experience conflict. Your ability to lead
the team through it can have a huge impact on the team’s future
health and effectiveness.

….Just because you know about how to resolve conflict doesn’t
mean that you will actually do it. Even if you have written a book
about conflict resolution, it won’t make you immune to buying in with
your emotions or not following simple conflict resolution guidelines.

….Not all conflict will be solved. As it takes “two to tango” some
situations just have to be managed and the impact minimized.

….We don’t need to respond to all types of conflict. It
requires a bit of wisdom to know what needs to be followed up and
what needs to be left alone to fade away.

….Ignoring major conflict is not an effective strategy. The
problem may go underground for a while but be sure that it will rear
its ugly head again some time in the future.

….the good news is that most conflict can be resolved with the
right attitudes and interpersonal skills.

In what situations are you experiencing conflict at the moment?

What are you doing to work towards a resolution in these areas?

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