How to Start a Good Christian Website

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About three years ago I started my first website without any idea what I was doing.  I began my site with a company called Dotster.  This experience with my first website was more like an experiment.  I felt like a scientist in the lab mixing chemical compounds together and hoping that nothing would blow up in my face.  It was a shot in the dark.

One of the benefits I had in starting with Dotster was the easy to follow web design and services that was offered by the company.  However, I needed a little more help.  I needed someone to talk to, get advice and instruction from and some basic instructions.

While working with Dotster  I happened upon an ad posted by a website company called iPage that caught my attention.  The services that iPage was offering, for the price, was very attractive to me.  So I made a move from Dotster to iPage.

One of the things that caught my attention as a new blogger was the 24 hour, 7 day a week service that iPage offered.  Of all that iPage offered, this was what caught my attention more than any other service.  I started working on by blog late at night and the ability to get in touch with an website assistant was extremely helpful.  I have found iPage to have a personal and easy to reach service, regardless of the day or time.

When I started with iPage I began my site with them by using their Weebly Drag and Drop service.  Weebly is easy to use and has some very basic tools that can help even those who know very little about web creation and design.  The video below can give you an idea of what type of services are offered through Weebly.

Drag & Drop Site Builder by iPage

 Moving Up To WordPress

After working with Weebly Drag and Drop for a couple of years I became a little more comfortable with web design and creation.  I decided that I would step into the world of WordPress.  There are times I wish I had started with WordPress however, I believe I made the right choice by staring with Weebly Drag and Drop.

I have found WordPress to be a poweful tool for website design and service however, I did not have the same personal connection of service with WordPress as I did when using Weebly Drag and Drop.

The ability to create and develop a more advanced website was found when I stepped into the world of WordPress but much of the website design has had to come from learning how to use plugins.  Plugins can help create just about any type of website you can imagine.

The next video will give you an idea as to what WordPress can do for you in the creation of your website or blog.

Easy WordPress Installation with iPage

My Advice to You

If I have any advice to offer as you are thinking about creating a blog or website I would encourage you to consider using iPage.  Whether you want to start with WordPress or Weebly Drag and Drop I would suggest that you consider looking into the services that iPage has to offer.  The costs are very reasonable for the service provided.

The creation of a blog or website can be a great journey for you, however, if you are a rookie like I was, I would suggest that you utilize the services of a strong company like iPage to help you out.

Best to you!

Dale Roach


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