How to Lead People to Work Together

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leading others to work togetherHow to Lead People to Work Together

Leading others to work together is not always an easy task.  In fact, a conflict between employees, volunteers and church members can be a great challenge.

There must be a clear understanding of certain personality traits to grow teamwork.  When we understand people, it can become easier to work together.

Below is a listed of positive and negative personality traits.  Which of these traits best describes you?  How about those you work with?

Do you know people who have a positive personality?  How about those with a negative personality?  As you look over the list put the first name of the person you think of in the positive or negative list.

What does your team look like?  Are most of the members of your organization showing “positive” or “negative” traits.

Positive Personalities

First Name(s)

Adventurous Personality

Conscientious Personality

Dependable Personality

Independent Personality

Optimistic Personality

Encouraging Personality

Precise Personality

Confident Personality

Dutiful Personality

Reliable Personality

Exuberant Personality

Helpful Personality

Humble Personality

Imaginative Personality

Meticulous Personality

Obedient Personality

Trusting Personality

Valiant Personality


Negative Personalities


Lazy Personality

Picky Personality

Dishonest Personality

Sarcastic Personality

Arrogant Personality

Obnoxious Personality

Conceited Personality

Bossy Personality

Stingy Personality

Self-centered Personality

Rude Personality

If a leader can identify the personalities of those they lead, it can help create a strong team environment.

One great resource that helps to identify the personalities of those we lead can be found at Ministry InsightMinistry Insights exists to provide Bible based products and processes that helps believers develop Christ centered relationships.

The major goal of any organization should be the development of healthy teamwork.

Dale Roach

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