How to Know When Teamwork Is Perfected

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when teamwork is perfectedHow to Know When Teamwork Is Perfected

What happens when teamwork is perfected?

There is no substitute for a group of individuals that are united under a common cause and strategy.

These types of people are those who are enjoying their task and bring the organization energy and strength that cannot be bought.

Teamwork is perfected when each member of the organization sees the cause of the group to be more valuable than their individualism.

A strong team is like a fine tuned orchestra.

Each person has a unique role and without the other members, the sound would be weak, but when combined together, the music is overwhelming.  So it is with teamwork development.

You cannot be all you want to be until every member of the group is willing to play their part without self-promotion.

Teamwork is at its best when those in the group understand their teammates with very little having to be said.

Dale Roach

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