How to Design a STRATEGY For Your Teamwork Effort

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STRATEGY For Your Teamwork EffortHow to Design a STRATEGY For Your Teamwork Effort

Does your organization have a strategy to become a healthy and productive team?  Do you have a plan to design a strategy for your teamwork effort?

The goal of a strategy is to develop a team that will enable the vision to become a reality.  Developing teams without a strategic plan is futile.  Aubrey Malphurs notes:
“….vision is a must………Few would climb on board a cruise ship if the captain had no idea where he was going…… A vision is also critical to other factors such as…. unity, motivation, finances, and evaluation.” (Pouring New Wine in Old Wine Skins, Aubrey Malphurs, pages 133-134)

A bridge is needed to accomplish this due to a chasm that may separate the visionary from those he is trying to train.  How can someone with a vision connect himself to those he would like to develop into a team to accomplish the fulfillment of the vision?

To convey a vision a team leader must help create a strategic plan that is clear and connecting.  There are three basic principles that must be understood in the development and design of a strategy to lead teams:

  1. The strategy of one team may not work for another team.
  2. Every team is unique and calls for a unique plan.
  3. Identifying the strategy begins with a leader who has a “clear vision.”

The word “strategy” is a good way to develop a plan or design for strong and healthy team development.


  • S-ound foundation for team development
  • T-arget Strengths
  • R-ecognize Weaknesses
  • A-rrangement of Skills and Talents
  • T-rain, Tutor, Teach
  • E-nlist Potential and Future Players
  • G-row relationships with Team Members
  • Y-earn for Success

If this S.T.R.A.T.E.G.Y. is followed it can help any team develop a design that can lead the group into becoming a productive team.

Dale Roach

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