How to Define A Clear Vision for My Team

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Define A Clear Vision for My TeamHow to Define A Clear Vision for My Team

Do you have a plan in how to define a clear vision for your organization, business or congregation?

What is your strategy for clarifying a vision?

The development and deployment of teams cannot take place without clear leadership and a game plan that is understood.

The vision of the team and organization leaders are essential.

The first goal of any team is to define a vision in an easy to understand fashion and begin the process of conveying this vision.  In essence, “What is the plan?”

Relaying the vision of a group can never be communicated until clarity of the plan is understood.

Is your vision clear to the people you are leading?

Before strategies or playbooks are created, the vision has to be understood.

The vision of those on the team must have “six key ingredients” to be a successful team.

1.   First, the vision must be clear and understandable to anyone introduced to the concept.

2.   Second, the vision must call for action.  Does it challenge those who hear it?

3.   Third, a vision should create a mental picture in the minds of those who listen to it.

4.   Fourth, a vision is a prophetic image of what the future holds.

5.   Fifth, a clear vision is built upon reality.  It has a firmness to it.  It does not waffle.

6.   Sixth, a vision is compelling.  It possesses an energy that drives the team to action.*

The six statements above will help any team member clarify and have a strong sense of the vision.  These points will also enable team members to become visionaries.

How do you define a clear vision for your team or organization?

Dale Roach


*Aubry Malphurs, Pouring New Wine Into Old Wine Skins


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