How to Create Results Through the Skills of Others

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skills of othersUsing the Skills of Others
“The role of the leader is to deliver work through others, not to deliver the work themselves. A difficult transition in leadership can be letting go of areas of expertise/specialism and enabling others to deliver results.
  • Understand that your job is to achieve objectives through others – not do their work for them
  • Ensure you are clear about your expectations of others and provide regular feedback on how well they are doing to meet them
  • Seek to understand the reasons underpinning poor performance and deal with it quickly
  • When people do a good job, tell them
  • Don’t take all your employee’s ‘monkeys’ onto your own back – support them in solving their issues, rather than you doing it for them (even though you think you will do it quicker, easier and better !)

A great mentor for me told me when I first stepped in to a leadership role to focus on “leading my team”, sage advice because many first time people leaders are promoted because of their enthusiasm, intelligence and proven ability to get things done. The thing in leadership though is that while those skills (and many other skills are important) it’s even more important that you become a leader that gets results from the collective team you are responsible for. That’s harder to achieve that in sounds but that’s the skill in being a good leader.”*

*This article was provided by the New Zeland Post Group

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