How to Create a Strong Prayer Life

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What is a strong prayer life all aboiut?How can you create a strong prayer life?

Having a life that is saturated in prayer is as essential to the Christian as is fuel for an automobile. Without prayer the Christian isn’t going anywhere because he is attempting life without the one thing that both powers and sustains. Unfortunately, this is exactly the position many are in today. We have relied on church attendance and service in varied ministry related opportunities while assuming that if activities are emblazed on the church calendar of events then it must be God breathed. We may have seemingly successful programs that have no transformational power. Why? Could it be that we have failed to understand what prayer is?

Prayer is a touchy subject in many Christian circles. Most likely our low level of comfort in talking about prayer is due to our low level of participation, our views toward God, and a less than hospitable approach toward others concerning prayer. All of these speak directly to the depth of our faith and personal spirituality.

Instead of analyzing all the things that keep us from or hinder us in prayer, let’s consider a biblical approach to building a life of prayer. Three important questions come to mind:

  • Is it possible the amount of time we set aside for corporate prayer says something about the importance of prayer in our lives and our churches?
  • Does the structure of the worship service in the church that you attend reflect the importance of corporate prayer?
  • Each week, how much time do you spend in prayer with your family?

Do Christians Really Believe Prayer is Important?

Most believers say that a prayer life is important and they believe it works. But the local church seems to have relegated prayer to a brief period or two almost hidden among other components in the worship order.

  • Why is corporate prayer important?
  • What components should be included in our corporate prayer times?
  • What should be the focus of corporate prayer?

Here is an important fact: YES! Prayer is personal. But prayer is most powerfully expressed by the people of God seeking Him by crying out to him with uninted hearts and voices in order to know His presence and His will.

In order to build a healthy prayer life, both individually and in our churches, we must look no further than the scriptures to discover principles to serve as a blueprint. If we follow this blueprint we will develop a culture of prayer that will define who we are. One of the most important questions of our day is the authenticity of our walk with God. This relates to prayer in this manner:

  • Are we people who pray or are we prayer warriors?
  • Are our churches truly “Houses of Prayer” as defined by Jesus?
  • Do we attend churches that pray or praying churches? There is a difference!

Scott McClellan

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