How to Build A Useful Team Principle the Right Way

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Team Principle: The Nike HeartHow to Build A Useful Team Principle the Right Way

“A team needs people who have a Nike heart.” Most of the great CEOs and businessmen I have known operate in concert with the famous Nike slogan, “Just Do It!” This does not mean they don’t do their homework and get the facts. They live in the midst of facts. When the decision arises, they can usually make them rapidly. They are constantly on the edge of decision making, continually assimilating facts in preparation for those decisions. A good team operates with adequate and accurate communication, constantly feeding the team leader necessary information so that he will be sufficiently informed for decision-making. Each team member, on the other hand, should know his respective area better than the team leader.

Sometimes people get so focused on planning that they never get around to doing. Teams that function best are those that advise strategic plans, and quickly turned them into tactical plans they implement. A plan not implemented is of limited, if any, value.”

Tom Phillips in Leaders on Leadership. “Building a Team to Get the Job Done”, chapter 11.

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