How Can You Be Encouraging to Others at Work?

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How can you be encouraging?

As a young child, the future poet Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882) found himself watching a man cutting up some wood.  While the task was obviously well beyond the young Emerson’s ability, he did suggest another way of assisting.  “May I do the grunting?” he inquired.

Consider your workplace this morning.  There are thousands of ways to help others.  It may be as simple as holding open the door for clients as they enter the office.  It may be nothing more than helping a co-worker carry her project to the car or sweeping the floor for the guy who never got to it yesterday.  Maybe it’s more relational, like inviting the new employee who started on Monday to go to lunch with your “group,” helping them to feel “at home” in the company instead of isolated.  Perhaps it is sitting down in the office of an associate today to encourage him in some small but important way in a matter that has become a burden or a distraction to him in life.  What employees need your help at work?  Lift up your head; they are everywhere!  And your assistance will likely make the complete difference on whether or not they have a day worth remembering or a day they loathe and can’t wait to put behind them.   The Apostle Paul said it like this: “Bear one another’s burdens and thereby fulfill the law of Christ.” (Galatians 6:2)  Indeed, it was Christ’s hallmark.  Those marks can be found on His side, his hands, his feet.  In love He served us by doing for us what we could have never done for ourselves.  Assisting or helping one another is a by-product of love.  It is the “new commandment” that Jesus said He was giving us. “Love one another, even as I have loved you.”  (John 13:34)

God has ordained that on this day you reach out and bless someone with the ministry of assistance.  (S)He is closer than you think.  Listen to the Lord as you go about your day.  He will show you the “who,” the “what,”  and the “when.”  It doesn’t mean that you will do someone else’s work for them; it may be as simple as grunting for someone else who is fully engaged in their work!  So make today count by doing the unexpected.  Love others enough to serve them in the small and large ways.  By doing so, you will become known in your workplace as a true disciple of Christ!  When your work is done, go home and maximize your weekend in rest and worship!  Thanks for the way you daily shine for Christ at work!

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