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How Can We Keep Our Organization Motivated?

How Can We Keep Our Organization MotivatedSometimes we can find ourselves drained of motivation. We know what needs to be done and yet the energy is just not there for it and we have become disinterested.

What is motivation? I came across this definition of motivation which highlights three important components:

“A force or energy inside us that moves us into action towards a desired goal.”

A Force or Energy Inside Us

Although most motivational speakers are inspiring, we need to realize that all effective motivation comes from within us. Others can inspire us, but we need to find our own core energy. People can leave these upbeat presentations on a “high” with amazing dreams for the future, but unless they really absorb and own it, nothing much will actually change in their lives.

It Moves Us Into Action

Motivation results in action. Motivation goes well beyond just thinking or dreaming as it moves us into sustained action.

Toward a Desired Goal

Motivation is goal-directed and is based on “pay offs” or rewards. Each person will be driven by different needs and goals. Sometimes we can miss someone’s real motivations when we only look at the external ones. For example, a leader may be motivated to push their team to record sales, not necessarily for the benefit of the company, but out of a need to be recognized by others and please others. Motivating goals may be material, emotional, relational or spiritual in nature.

So, to start on our journey of understanding sustained motivation, here are a some questions.

  • What are the main carrots that motivate you into action?
  • How much do you want them?
  • In what areas would you like to be more motivated?

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