Happy Team Member and Snow White

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Happy Team Member

Are You a Happy Team Member?

A happy team member is great to have around.  So it was for Snow White and the seven dwarfs.  When the dwarfs first came home to see the cleaning work that Snow White had performed on their cottage Sneezy and Happy had a few comments.

Sneezy: Sinks empty. Hey, someone stole our dishes!

Happy: They ain’t stole.  They’re hid in the cupboard!

Happy is always looking for the good side of life.  When coming into the cottage and smelling something delicious Happy was counter to Grumpy!

Happy: Something’s cookin! (sniffing) Smells good!

Grumpy: Don’t touch it, you fools! Might be poison.

It could be that without Happy around, Grumpy might not be quite as grumpy.  A happy person is that individual on the team that is forever cheerful.  When the seven dwarf came into their home for the first time to discover the intruder.  The dwarfs believed that there was a monster in the house, maybe hidden under blankets.  Happy doesn’t scream, doesn’t become fearful, he simply asks, “Which end do we kill?”

When the monster turns out to be a sleeping, beautiful young lady Happy is just that…..happy!

The happiness of this particular dwarf is true happiness.  This is not silly, mindless happiness.  This can be seen in the fact that when Snow White has bitten into the Witch’s apple and fallen into a sleeping death, Happy is no longer happy.

This little person finds his true happiness in relationships.  This can be seen when Snow White asks the Dwarfs to wash before eating.

Doc: Courage men, courage! Don’t be nervous.

Happy: Gosh it’s wet. [Sputtering]

Sleepy: It’s cold too!

Bashful: We ain’t gonna do it, are we?

Doc: Well, I-I’ll please the princess.

Happy: I’ll take a chance for her.

But even this Happy Team Member could not find any joy in his life after Snow White bites into the Witch’s apple. Her eating the poison and falling into a sleeping death took all the joy away from this individual.

Happiness is found in a personal commitment to others.  It is not silliness!

The 7 Dwarfs

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