Great Advice in Regard to Leadership Development

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Hans Finzel has some great advice in regard to leadership development.  In the book Leaders on Leadership, Finzel writes, “I am a bottom-line kind of person.  If I had to point to two or three keys that will create the kind of culture in which followers will reach peak performance, I would settle on these:

  • Propel your group forward with a clearly articulated vision.  Forward momentum is an essential building block for any healthy group, and it is up to the group’s leaders to provide it.  Without it, followers degenerate into nothing more than lukewarm clock punchers or frustrated dreamers.  Rally the troops and instill enthusiasm for a bright future by developing a compelling vision for tomorrow.
  • Create a learning spirit among your leaders.  Humility is the key to learning and leaders who are servants humbly admit that they do not even know half of the answers.  You can provide strong leadership and direction for an organization but still cultivate a learning spirit in all the members.  If you believe your followers are your greatest resource, you will listen to them and teach them to listen to others.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to grace in relationships.  Too many people are too hard on each other, and this seems particularly true in the Church.  Why would the very community founded on the greatest display of grace be so harsh with one another?  Leaders should approach their followers in a spirit of gentle grace and allow room for failure.  This is not to excuse habitual irresponsibility or chronic incompetence, but to give people who want to grow a chance to rise to their full potential.” (Leaders on Leadership, pages 279-280)

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