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Fundamentals of Teamwork Organization

Basic Fundamentals of Good Teamwork OrganizationIn the creation of strong teamwork, leaders and team members alike must actively interact with one another. Strong team leaders will help the team determine their unique vision. Team members should be taught the basic fundamentals of teamwork; to serve rather than be served.

Healthy team development also places a high priority on enabling team members to discover and practice their diverse skills. The organization is not viewed as an impersonal collection of people, assets, and resources but as an idealistic community bond together together by common purposes and commitments.

Here are Four Basics Fundamentals of Good Teamwork (L.E.A.D.)

1.  Like-mindedness

Teamwork activities must promote and enhance unity and harmony by:

  • Maintaining a balance between , “What to do?” and “How to do it?”
  •  Team members  should be concerned about the needs of  all team.  Recognizing the value of the individual will help create team harmony
  • Face-to-face communication is essential.
  • Each team members must be available and approachable for good team health.
  • Team leaders must resist the tendency to stay in the “driver’s seat,
  • The goal of team harmony is to equip help team members see themselves  stakeholders.

2. Empowering

Teams should use their diverse and personal gifts fruitfully by:

  • Building themselves into staff and volunteers and providing opportunities for them to use their expanding capabilities in serving clients.
  • The leadership base must grow as the membership grows.

3.  Accountability.

All team members should hold one another accountable by holding on to the organization’s core values at all times.

  1. Team members should be held accountable for what they do.
  2. Team members should be held accountable for how they do things.
  3. Team members should work in a people-oriented manner and not become isolated and impersonal.

Healthy organization for accountability makes it easier for the teams to excel.

4.  Diversity.

 Strong teamwork is organized in a way that will allows for diverse personalities,  various gifts, and  unique perspectives. Diversity can be promoted in several ways:

  • Over-organization must be avoided with its dangers of impersonal programming, streamlined inefficiency.
  • Organizing the team that allows the freedom of each team member to express themselves
  • Allowing various talents to be used is a major plus for any team.
  • Encouraging the unique perspectives of each team member is a great resource for all teams.
  • Great emphasis must be placed on communication and interaction of every team member.

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