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A Christian Resource for Teamwork Development

Like A Team - A Christian Resource for Teamwork Development

Four Leadership Aptitudes

The power of four in leadership is far greater than one!

According to George Barna in his book The Power of Team Leadership, there are four leadership aptitudes. The act of leading people and organizations covers a lot of territory. Understanding the character and leadership styles of various individuals will enable an organization to become strong and productive. Barna notes that a healthy team is comprised of four leaders, each representing a different skill and ability. Those varying personalities carry these titles: The Directing Leader, The Strategic Leader, The Team Building Leader, The Operational Leader.

The Directing Leader

Those who have the skill of directional leadership show the ability to rally people together. These type of leaders carry the personality of a catalyst. They can inspire people’s imagination and help them to believe in their own unique skills. A Directing Leader is usually a good decision-maker and the speaker for the group. They are those that like to have the facts in front of them. They do not pull away from tough decisions and it is usually in the moments of stress that they show their best abilities.

The Strategic Leader

Strategic leaders are usually those that are happy to stay in the background. These type of leaders are usually those who are analytical in their thinking and planning. Strategic leaders are usually very thorough in their opinions and decision-making. They are not afraid to ask a lot of questions. These people are usually more faithful to the vision and the call of the organization than they are to the people who make up the organization.

The Team-Building Leader

It can be easily noted that those who direct as a leader love chasing the dream and those who are strategizing as a leader appreciate the intellectual challenges before however; Team-Building Leaders focus on people above everything else. Team-building leaders do their best with people surrounding them. Their tasks are based in a relational context. Their goal is to organize people for common causes. The details and paperwork of the organization have no appeal to the team-building leader. This individual is an inspiring coach and encourager of everyone in the group.

The Operational Leader

The person who is the operational leader brings stability and a sense of security to the organization. Their main goal is to focus on the operations of the organization. These individuals may be very low key and somewhat invisible. They are the ones who help create a system that can help things run well. There is a tendency for the operational leader to become a manager over a leader. This can cause some conflict within an organization, however, an Operational Leader by their very nature does not like to engage in conflict.

An Important Key

If a team is made up of only one of these four personalities of leadership the possibilities of productive work is minimal. The best teams will include a directing leader, a strategic leader, a team-building leader and an operational leader. If these four personality types are brought together and can complement one another, success is inevitable.

A quartet has a much stronger sound that a soloist. That is the key to these four personality types coming together.

Dale Roach

Who is Dale Roach?

Dale Roach

Dale is the creator of "Like A Team."He has been working with businesses, charity organizations, volunteer groups and church groups in the development of teamwork for over 25 years.The goal of "Like A Team" is to help share the knowledge and skills of healthy team creators across the planet.
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