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Why was Like A Team created?

The founder and creator  of Like A Team is Dr. Dale Roach.  This website’s first post took place in October of 2009.

Dale‘s desire to work in developing strong teamwork began during his high school years when he was introduced to a new high school football coach.  The high school team Dale played for had an overwhelming record—-a losing record.  When introduced to the new coach it was a tremendous turn around for the team and the players.  Dale and his teammates were shown how to be a true team.  In one year the football team went from losing every game to claiming a winning season.  The development of teamwork and team skills have been a great interest for Dale since that senior year in high school.  This interest evolved in his years as a businessman and his 30 plus years as a pastor and denominational team leader. 

These interests also created articles and posts like:

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Dale is a graduate of Gardner-Webb University where he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree.  He also is a graduate of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary where he earned his Master of Divinity degree.

In 1999 Dale began his study in a doctoral program at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky.  His studies took place while Thom Rainer was the Dean of the Billy Graham School of Missions and Evangelism.  He was a member in one of the first cohorts to graduate from SBTS with a doctoral degree in Church Growth Consulting.  The focus of his study at SBTS was aimed toward team development.  The title of Dale’s doctoral thesis was A Consultant’s Strategy for Team Development Within the Local Church.

Dale is also the author of The Jethro Ministry, A Biblical Strategy for Teamwork and The Servant-Leadership Style of Jesus.  At present Dale is serving as the Senior Pastor of Poplar Springs Baptist Church in Moore, SC.

Successful teamwork is created when every gift of every person on the team is utilized.  Working together “LIKE A TEAM” can produce strength for any organization.

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6 thoughts on “Founder and Creator of Like A Team

  1. Dale Roach says:

    It is great to connect with you. I also have checked out your information on LinkedIn. I am not sure what you are requesting but if you can clarify your request I would be glad to help you if possible. This blog has been posting articles on leadership for over 2 years. There are hundreds of articles on leadership and team development that may be able to help you. I hope that your ministry in Cameroon is going well.


  2. MBIANDA Martial Parfait says:

    Greetings Dr. Dale,

    Thank you for reply. I need some articles on Leadership and Team development. Would you please direct me on how to have them in your website or would you please kindly email me some?

    The Ministry is going ahead all praise to the Lord. The better is still to come with Jesus!

    Stay Blessed

    1. Dale Roach says:

      The easiest way for you to find articles on leadership and team development is to go to the top of this page and go to the section called “Search Like A Team.” Type in the word or phrase that you are trying to find, click on search, and the search box will lead you to a listing of articles. When you find the article(s) you are looking for you can also find more articles at the bottom of the page under the title – “You May Also Like This.”

      I hope this helps you as you are trying to grow strong teams.

      Best to you!

  3. Anonymous says:
  4. What a beneficial resource for teams of all types and sizes! THANK YOU for your dedication to providing insight, tips and resources for us!

    1. It is great to hear from someone who finds my blog helpful. I hope you will feel free to share any of your ideas and thoughts with me. I am always looking for the insight and thoughts of other people. I checked out your site and found it very interesting. I really liked how you gave step-by-step instructions on putting the bees on the flower pots. You have some great ideas. Keep blogging!

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