Facing the Giants Head On

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Facing the Giants

It’s interesting how different each of us really is.  Of the six billion people on the planet there isn’t another person or employee exactly like you.  Yet, you may have co-workers say about your predecessor, “Well, she did it like this,” or “His philosophy of leadership included…” or “She always…”  expecting you to automatically follow suit likewise.  While iron does sharpen iron and we can (and should) learn from each other, you will not “do” your job exactly like someone else.  You need not try.

David the shepherd boy found himself in the Kidron Valley about to face a giant.  Filling the shoes of Saul, his king, would not be easy.  Among other differences, Saul’s armor and spear weighed nearly as much as David’s entire body weight.  But David knew what his calling was and what his strengths were and were not.  So with intentionality he refused Saul’s armor, choosing rather to fight in a way that “fit” him.  With five stones and a slingshot he did what he was called to do that day.  You know the rest of the story.

It is really irrelevant that your predecessor (or current associates) did something in a certain way or preferred this over that.  Know your strengths.  Know your weaknesses.  Highlight your strengths and play off of those unique God-given qualities that make you who you are as a Christian employee or employer.  Your performance and daily results will be much more rewarding and productive if you tailor your methodologies, strategies, and workplace habits to a “size” that fits you. God has equipped you to be “good” at what you do.  Your best will always be found when you wear the unique workplace armor that God has in His Divine wisdom given you.

Examine your workplace armor.  What are you wearing?  What are you using?  It may be that you need to trade in a spear for a slingshot or vice-versa.  Or maybe you need to adapt your work hours to a time that keys in on your most productive time of day.  (You fill in the blanks.)  Choose today, however, to give up a one-size fits-all mentality and work wisely by using the skill-set God has already chosen for you.  Work is more fun that way and far more is accomplished for the company…and the Kingdom!  Work like this today and even the giant challenges you face may fall easier than you ever imagined.  Have a super day at work as you serve Christ there.  It’s your calling!

David Cox

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