Essential Social Norms for Your Organization

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Essential Social Norms for Your OrganizationDo you know the essential social norms of your organization?

Most organizations and groups have a level of tolerance. Within these organizations, there are slight exceptions to the rules and regulations of the group. In most groups when an emergency takes place, a small level of elasticity can occur. In other words, the norms are changed.

What Exactly are Social Norms?

Norms are beliefs about what is acceptable in a particular social context.  Norms are rules that a group uses to define proper and inappropriate values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors. These rules can vary between being explicit or implicit. Norms are also the agreed-upon rules by which a group of people guides the behavior of its membership. Even though some organizations may have guidelines and rules, this does not mean they follow them. 

Do you know and understand the norms of your business, charity group or church?  Do you have a clear understanding of what the real “norms” of your organization or team are?  These seven questions can help you understand your group better.

  1. What are the rules that govern your organization?
  2. Have these rules ever been broken?
  3. What do people in your group feel free and easy doing?
  4. What do people in your group have permission to do freely?
  5. What do people in your group feel pressured to do?
  6. What have people in your group felt pressured not to do?
  7. What are the top three issues that trigger conflict in your organization?

Can the norms of your organization be changed? The transformation of norms in any organization will demand patients and skills that will challenge any leader. Change is not easy.  However, the norms of any group must be understood before change can take place.

Do you know the character of your business, organization or congregation?

Can you define the norms of your group?

A group cannot be changed until the norms are understood by the leadership? It’s all about knowing your organization and what makes them work together! Simply stated, “What is norm-all?”

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