4 Good Leadership Skills of a Coach and Pastor

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Effective Leadership as a Coach and PastorCan the words coach and pastor be combined?

What are the leadership skills of a coach?

What are the leadership skills of a pastor?

When I was a young boy growing up in North Carolina, I was taught many lessons about effective leadership and weak leadership.

Football became an important part of my recreational life.  The boys in my family began playing football when we entered the fifth grade.  This practice continued through high school and on into college for a few of us.

Coaches became an important part of our lives.  There were some years that we had great experiences with excellent coaches, and there were a few years that the coaching experience was not so good.

Through it all the active leadership of a good coach made a strong impression on our young lives.  This type of behavior is also the case for healthy and active leadership within the local church.  The role of the leader/coach/pastor is essential for the success of the church team.

Here are four basic behaviors of a strong leader and coach to consider:

1.  An effective leader/coach establishes challenges, but attainable goals.  He is Effective Leadership as a Coach and Pastor 2a visionary with a finish line.

2.  An effective leader or coach realizes that he alone is not the entire team and certainly cannot accomplish the task on his own.  He is a recruiter with a purpose.

3.  Effective leadership creates an environment that inspires a team of people to maximum performance by living out the vision before them.  Their actions are stronger than their words. An active pastor, leader, or coach is a person of orchestrated action.

4. One who demonstrates effective leadership helps his team to see the future.  They help those they are working with to see success before it happens.  This leader is a planner with a set goal and a dream to be fulfilled.

What do you think about leadership?

What do you think about pastoring?

What do you think about coaching?

Do you believe that a coach and pastor are one in the same?

Dale Roach

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