The Jethro Ministry Ebook

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The Jethro Ministry

An Ebook about Biblical Teamwork Development

Are you having trouble getting your group, business team or congregation to 9781462751662_COVER.inddwork together to their full potential?

Is the idea of teamwork just that – an idea!

The Old Testament book of Exodus tells a story of a very wise man who gave his son-in-law some solid advice on how to create a powerful teamwork environment, long before the word “teamwork” was ever created.  This man’s name was Jethro, the priest of Midian.  His son-in-law was Moses.

One of the most interesting bits of advice that Jethro gave Moses was when he saw his son-in-law working alone.  He told Mose, “If you continue to do this you will surely wear yourself and these people out” (Exodus 18:18). A major call of any good leader is to seek out the talents of those they are leading and share the responsibility. This search for talent was the advice of Jethro to Moses.

The Jethro Ministry is a 154-page ebook that focuses on the advice of Moses’ father-in-law, Jethro, the priest of Median, to help create a strong teamwork effort.   This advice of Jethro can be used in your church, volunteer group, charity organization and even your business.

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