The Servant-Leadership Style of Jesus – Ebook

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The Servant-Leadership Style of Jesus – Ebook

Become a strong, successful, influential leader without having to worry about getting ahead.

Imagine having everything you needed to run your career, your team, your ministry, and your family in the only way that honors Christ. Imagine leading as Jesus led!

Author Dale Roach examines the life and teachings of Jesus Christ to show how He redefined leadership in His own time and still does so today. By implementing Jesus’ simple yet powerful strategy for godly leadership in a world driven by the rat race of self-promotion, you will learn:

–Why being a successful leader isn’t about being the boss

–How the Sermon on the Mount may be the Bible’s supreme leadership plan

–How to avoid the pitfalls that prevent most organizations from developing healthy teamwork

–How to develop the 5 characteristics of a true servant-leader

book cover Servant-Leadership Style–How to identify and overcome what’s keeping you from becoming a servant-leader

–How to execute Jesus’ servant coaching strategy

–How to communicate as a servant-leader in the 3 spheres of life

–Why servant-leadership is powerless without prayer

Allow Jesus to be your life coach! Employ His strategy for multiplying leaders according to God’s heart and unlock your potential to propel God’s kingdom on earth.

Pick up your copy of The Servant Leadership Style of Jesus and become a powerful and useful tool in the hands of God!

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