Does Your Congregation Have Clear Purpose?

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Does Your Congregation Have Clear Purpose?Does Your Church Have Clear Purpose?

Here is a simple question for any congregation: “Why do we exist as a body of believers?” For a church to be healthy there must be a clear understanding of their make-up.

Clarity of purpose in a church can:

  • Foster concentration
  • Encourage cooperation
  • Create a positive spirit
  • Generate enthusiasm

Few things will revitalize a discouraged church faster than rediscovering its purpose.

Church leaders can nurture healthy churches by serving as guardians of the church’s purpose when they:

  • Constantly ask/answer the question, “Why are we here as a church?”
  • Check the boundaries of the church’s activity.
  • Major on effectiveness first and efficiency last. (Doing the right things, not just doing things the right way.)
  • Seek clarity in the church’s goals and programs.
  • Focus on the whole more than individual parts.
  • Maximize the church’s strengths and minimize its weaknesses.

James Herron

Who is James Herron?


How To Grow A Small Church, by Dr. Dale Roach

Have you ever thought about why some congregations are not growing?  Why do most fellowships stay small?  This is nothing new.  In fact, there are some leaders today who believe that church decline is on the move.  Dr. Thom Rainer says, “The institutional church stubbornly resists formal closing. Even if only six or seven people attend eacheek, those few fight for the survival of their church. Those who were attending these very small churches are either moving to the “nones” category, or they are moving to larger churches. The primary stalwarts to keep the doors open are members of the builder generation, those born before 1946.  As that generation decreases at an increasing rate, more churches will close. Any guess to the number of closings in 2013 is speculation on my part. I wouldn’t be surprised, however, if the numbers reach the 8,000 to 10,000 level.” (Thirteen Issues for Churches in 2013, by Thom Rainer)

What is causing so many churches to decline and close their doors? (complete article)

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