Does Your Church Have Clear Values?

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Values - Does Your Team Have Them?Values are the constant, passionate, biblical core beliefs that drive the church’s ministry; they are key precepts that give direction to the church’s life. They answer the “why” question. Why do we do (actions and efforts) what we do?

  • They make up the church’s credo. “We believe.”
  • They are what the church lives by to fulfill its mission.
  • They express what really matters to the church family.
  • They communicate the distinction of the church’s ministry.
  • They are non-negotiable.

Why have values?

  • They communicate what is important. People know where to focus their energies.
  • They shape the church’s character. They affect how the church conducts its ministry.
  • They influence the church’s overall behavior. They drive the decisions made, problems resolved, and the goals that are set.
  • They inspire people to action. Shared values catalyze min­istry involvement.
  • They enhance credible leadership. Leaders who act accord­ing to their professed values gain valuable credibility in the eyes of the church family.
  • They help people embrace positive change. They determine what change will be helpful or harmful to the ministry.
  • They contribute to the church’s productivity. They gener­ate deeper, personal involvement in the life of church members.

Most churches would benefit by discovering and publishing their core values and allowing their ministry to be developed around these values.

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