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Do You Have the Ability to Lead?

Just because someone has the title of leader and a sign on the door doesn’t automatically mean that they are, in fact, an effective leader. One of the things that I am passionate about is helping people become more effective in their leadership roles. So much of what happens in our lives, our workplaces, our countries and the world is a reflection of either poor or great leadership.

What makes someone an effective leader?

There are so many books and articles written about this topic that it can be a little overwhelming to the person who is trying to get a grip on what effective leadership is all about. Some interesting research by the Gallup Organization looked at it from the perspective of identifying the key things that people look for in their leaders. In this series we will be looking at these core foundations of leadership.The four things that people looked for in their leaders were:

Trust         Being trustworthy and reliable

Care          Having an interest in the welfare of others

Stability   Being consistent and grounded

Hope         Inspiring real hope for the future even when times are hard

So, over the following weeks, let’s unpack these one by one and look at how well we are going in being the type of leader people are happy to work with and follow.

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Dale is the creator of "Like A Team."He has been working with businesses, charity organizations, volunteer groups and church groups in the development of teamwork for over 25 years.The goal of "Like A Team" is to help share the knowledge and skills of healthy team creators across the planet.
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