Diverse Talents Working Together Creates Harmony

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diversity and diverse talentsDiversity talents are a great resource!  One of the reasons some organization, businesses and churches are declining is due to ignoring the energy of different ideas, concepts and convictions.

For any group to see its full potential it must first respect the differences of those who make up the team.  This does not mean that conviction or ideologies are watered down.  It simply means that the uniqueness of others on the team is acknowledged and respected.

For diverse talents to work in harmony there must also be a practice of listening more than talking.  Listening to different opinions is a key for the success of any teamwork effort.

When listening takes place this will also lead to the recognition of the motives of those on the team.  People on the team have a reason for doing what they do and behaving in the manor they do.

Diversity can breed conflict within an organization, any organization, however; the energy of such conflict can be redirected.  If conflicts are handled in a healthy fashion the energy produced by such tension can be converted into fuel for positive results.

You Tube is a treasure chest of great resources that can help prove a point.  I came across a singing group called The Vocal People not long ago.  Check out their video below.  The video is not of the best quality however; the message of diverse talents working together shown in this video is worth your time.  As you watch this you will notice that the group has tried to dress themselves in a unique matching outfit however, if you will take a close look at this team of singers you can easily recognize that these are very unique people.  Some are male and some are female, some tall, some short, some thin and some not so thin.  Also, as the group sings you can pick up on the fact that without the diverse talents of this group they would never be able to do the performance they have put together.  The Vocal People is a perfect and fun example of teamwork utilizing diverse talents. 

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