Development of a Team: The Positioning Phase

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According to George Barna, these facts should be shared with the  leaders in the early stages of team development:

  1. The Bible endorses team development.
  2. No more “superheroes” will be needed if we work as a team.
  3. True community will develop if we grow teams.
  4. Less stress will be experienced by the staff and church members if we work as a team.
  5. Greater synergy (the use of all gifts) will be experienced if we use teams.
  6. More innovation will take place if we use teams.
  7. Greater joy will be experienced by more people if we work as a team.
  8. The priesthood of believers will take place when teams are put to work.
  9. Team development will facilitate numerical growth.
  10. Teams relieve the senior pastor and allows him to prepare himself for the spiritual leadership of the church.7

Creating and maintaining a team mentality is the first step for any leader who
desires to create a team concept.  The leader must accept and adapt to a team approach
before the others will respond.

Dale Roach

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