Developing Excellent Job Descriptions for Leaders

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developing excellent job descriptions

Developing Excellent Job Descriptions

Does your organization or church have a process for developing excellent job descriptions for everyone on your team?

Developing excellent job descriptions for leaders in your organization is absolutely necessary for success to take place.

Without a clear job description it is impossible to clearly see the success or failures of a organization, business or congregation.

Here are seven needed job descriptions for a leader:

1.  There must be at least 2 to 6 clearly stated objectives to be accomplished by the leader.

2.  The range of authority for the leader must be established in the beginning.

3.  The major responsibilities of the leader must be established in the beginning.

4. The lines of accountability must be made clear.

5.  A job description should be created before the leader is recruited.  A simple and direct one page job description is a helpful tool.

6.  Any leader that is recruited for a task should be given and directed toward competency skills that will improve their ability to lead.

7.  Evaluation of work skills and work history should be welcomed by anyone wanting to become a productive leader.  Evaluations should be understood as an ongoing process regardless of one’s experience, year’s of service or age.

Creating and developing excellent job descriptions for leaders can help any organization become strong.

How does your organization develop it’s leaders?

Do you have a process of evaluating the leaders in your organization?

Dale Roach

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