Demands of Your Vision Against the Desires of Others

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Demands of Your VisionYour vision will continually be confronted with the desires and plans of other people.

In the development of strong teamwork you must define what is of the utmost importance. What tasks and commitments should take precedence over all other events?

This simple question must be asked: “Are the tasks that I am investing my life in helping to fulfill my vision?” 

“Defining your vision” is a process that gives you a simple format to evaluate those commitments and events that consume your time and energy.

The ability to move forward in clarifying your vision will call on you to ask two questions:

  1. Are people asking you to work against (in a different direction) what your vision is urging you to do?
  2. Are the demands of other people challenging your vision or suppressing your vision?

If a vision is unclear to those you are working with, it will be difficult if not impossible to continue forward in the process of team development.

In clarifying the demands of the vision as you confront the desires of others a simple work analysis could be beneficial.  “How much time, energy and personal resource are you using on what you are doing?”

Team success will never take place if the resources of team members are being spent in areas counter to the team objectives and goals.  Some things need to be put on the back burner.

The demands or objectives of your “vision” need to be put down on paper.  The demands of “the vision” must take priority over the desires and plans of others.  This sounds simple but this is probably one of the more difficult steps in creating a strong team.

  1. List seven tasks that you do most often.  These are the tasks that consume your time and energy.
  2. Do these tasks support and agree with your vision?
  3. If not, some time will be needed to clarify the vision before proceeding to the next step.
  4. A helpful question at this juncture would be, “Why do I invest my life, energy, and resources into tasks that do not support the vision?”  At this point issues that deal with the expectations must be addressed.

This step requires a great deal of work on the part of all team members to clarify themselves to continue the process of team development.

The conflict of vision and the consensus of the team is an issue that many teams will face in the early stages of team development.

How is your team doing?  Is your vision clear to yourself?  Is it clear to others?

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