Dealing With Conflict: Bible Advice

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Conflict is seen by many people to be very negative.  However, it is a part of everyday living.  Whether it is with other people, yourself, a business, an organization, or within a congregation, conflict is a part of our life experiences. It is a fact of life.

God created each of us in his image, but he also made every person unique. Due to this creative design of God, every person’s views and opinions are unique. Conflict often occurs because of a lack of respect for another person’s varying personality.

Conflict is word that can cause a great deal of pain, sadness, frustration, discomfort and and anger. To deal with conflict as Christians, we must call upon the instructions of the Bible to remind us that God’s ways of dealing with conflict are generally very different from the world’s ways.

It is important to remember that conflict can be helpful and creative. It is often necessary. It can provide an opportunity for new ideas and vision to evolve and can help to shape the future of an organization or church. When handled in a healthy manner, conflict brings about opportunities for learning  and growth for everyone.

The word “conflict” for many people who hear it, sounds like something bad. People think of conflict and they think of people in a heated debate or argument. But if we approach this subject in a positive manner and embrace it as something to be valued instead of dispelled, it can produce great results.  This can happen, especially, if we approach it in prayer and in a spiritual manner.

How do you handle conflict at home, at work or at church?

Do you have a plan and strategy?

Here are some words of advice from the Bible that can help in dealing with conflict.

Conflict Advice From the Bible 1

Conflict Advice From the Bible 2

Conflict Advice From the Bible 3

Conflict Advice From the Bible 4

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