Creating a Christian Culture in Your Workplace

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Most Christians who have worked in the public sector know that representing Christ at work is challenging due to the counter-cultural value systems that we employ.  Loneliness and a sense of isolationism are realities for many workplace Christians and should not be minimized; furthermore, each of us should be intentional in encouraging others in our respective workplaces as some struggle with discouragement or even persecution.

At the same time, however, it is good to be reminded that we need not have a “majority” at work for our Christian influence and testimony to be highly effective and culture-creating.  Paul reminds us that, “…a little leaven leavens the whole lump of dough.”  Just as a very small measure of  yeast causes an entire loaf of bread to rise, two or even one Christian in an office can affect incredible change!  A Houston-based company that ships internationally and trucks cargo by land domestically has undergone a metamorphosis in recent years as one young man committed himself to Christ in every area of his life, including his work-life.  Today, that company is known for its Christian “flavor” and many employees and clients have come to know Christ personally including the two business principals.  It only takes one to start.  If you do have someone else to partner with do so today conjoining your prayers, efforts, and daily Kingdom influence.

Recognize God’s ability to create a Christian culture in your workplace using only you (if you are the only Christian there).  Don’t wait until there is a majority of Christians who are employed in your office or company.  Let God use you to create a majority.  It isn’t really about the ratio of believers verses non-believers, is it?  It’s about God employing you to accomplish His agenda at work regardless how many Christians are or aren’t there currently.  So be encouraged this morning and take action.  Use the “leaven leverage” you have and watch your organization or office begin to rise for Christ’s sake.  God and one are a majority.  Have a great day.  Pour yourself into your work and make it count!

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