Chuck Colson’s Advice About Leadership

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Chuck Colson's Advice About LeadershipThe late Chuck Colson has some great advice about leadership.

According to Colson, America is suffering from a weakness in political and Christian leadership.  This weakness has grown due to a culture that has become hostile to the Christian faith.

How can the followers of Jesus respond to this type of environment?

Here are four suggestions that Colson gives about leadership.

1.  A well-formed biblical world view that understand the culture is essential. We have to know what the secular mind is thinking. We have to understand the environment around us.

2.  Show people a great vision.  People will give their lives for a purpose greater than themselves.

3. Equip your followers.  We have to care for those we lead enough to train them and invest in their lives.

4.  Do not tell people what to do but encourage them to follow you.  “Follow me” was the first thing Jesus told his disciples to do.  Leading the way is key.


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