Like A Team

A Christian Resource for Teamwork Development

Like A Team - A Christian Resource for Teamwork Development

The Moses Principle of Leading Others


The Leadership Style of MosesDo you ever get weary and just plain worn out with the leadership responsibilities you have overseeing the 3, or 23 or 300 or more employees for which you are responsible?  Workplace leadership is a taxing and potentially exhausting endeavor.  Can you imagine what Moses’ days must have entailed leading the 1.5 million (some scholars say that number was more like 3 million) Israelites for the forty years he was in charge?  To make matters more challenging, as the Israelites left Egypt they had no government, no economy, very few resources, no educational strategy, no judicial system, no infrastructures to support daily life, not even enough food and water to keep that many people alive on a daily basis!  What a tiring, fatiguing, exhausting job Moses had taking care of and leading this company of people!  But there was a secret that undoubtedly kept Moses going when he would have otherwise fallen over in sheer exhaustion. Continue reading

Being Creative During Tough Times


Tough Times and Being Creative“Desperate times call for desperate measures,” said Joshua Persky, and with that in mind, the laid-off Manhattan banker took to the streets of New York to land a job…wearing a sign (a large poster on his back and one on the front of his body) advertising “MIT grad for hire.”  It took almost a year but the determined and persistent man on a mission landed a well-paying job at an accounting firm. “I liked his resume. He had great business sense, great experience and great references”, said his new boss at the Manhattan firm.  As for his unique brand of self-promotion, “it was very innovative” he thought.  Persky was hired as a senior manager with a handsome income.  “It feels so great to be back at work. I went through some frustrating times, but every day I tried to be optimistic.” Continue reading

When Numbers Become Your God


Recession or not, every business and company must pay close attention to bottom lines and business growth trends.  We all want our organizations to flourish, expand, and reach more consumers with greater profitability and wider market impact.  As a result, it’s easy to get caught up in the numbers game where we are counting heads, dollars, attendance, and raw results as compared to last year, etc. While that’s not all bad, if we aren’t careful we can be reduced to trusting in numbers and find ourselves relying less and less on the Lord. Continue reading

Do You Love Those You Work With?


In his book The Church of Irresistible Influence, Robert Lewis asserts that with all the skepticism and  post-modern thinking that the Church has lost most of its connection to the world and become both irrelevant and ineffective.  He argues that the Church cannot sequester itself behind closed doors.

In order to fulfill its mission in the world, church members must actively engage the world, says Lewis, taking the gospel both in deed and word to coworkers and friends.  One of his bottom lines is that it is a good thing when church members strive to be conspicuously Christian.  Continue reading

Supporting Someone In Their Failure


Supporting in FailureI heard a father tell the story recently of his 6th grade daughter who came home with an F on her test. The young girl feared the worst but her dad wanted to teach her the concept of grace so he took her to her favorite restaurant and to a movie for a fun evening out.  He explained to her that though an F is unacceptable, he still loved her and wanted to bless and demonstrate his love for her.  When the little girl went to school the next day her friend asked, “What did your dad do when you told him you made an F”?  “He took me out to eat at my favorite restaurant and then on to a really cool movie,” she replied. Continue reading

How Much Do You Value Other People?


The Value of OthersMary Kay Ash, the American businesswoman famous for the cosmetic empire she created, is quoted as saying, “Pretend that every single person you meet has a sign around his or her neck that says, ‘Make me feel important.'”  I expect that if we all followed this suggestion in our businesses and workplaces we would sell more products and services, enjoy our jobs far more, make a lot more friends through our workplace experiences, enjoy a much richer reputation, and really bless the Lord… all at the same time. It seems to me that many of the problems we encounter (or create) in the marketplace are a result of  low self-esteems, defeated spirits, and/or negative attitudes that could be attributed in many to a very low evaluation of self-worth. Continue reading

Retirement: Are You Meant to Retire?


John, an electrical engineer, will be 88 years old next month. After nearly 70 years in the workplace, he still goes to the office 2-3 days each week not because he has to work, but because he wants to work. You might ask, shouldn’t he retire and enjoy life? John enjoys life through his work. He works as unto the Lord and offers back to God with excellence the giftedness that was assigned and entrusted to him. John still values his work and his company values his contribution. His right perspective about work leads him to enjoy and appreciate what he does. Continue reading

When God Instructs the Workplace


When God instructs us at workIn the Old Testament book of Leviticus God instructs the Israelite farmers that when they are gathering wheat from the fields, they were not to harvest all the way to the edges of the fields; furthermore, what was dropped or not actually gathered for harvest as they moved through the fields should be left behind so that travelers and the poor could glean from these fields and have a small source of revenue to sustain them.  Continue reading