Building a Team with Bluegrass Harmony

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I was born and raised in the foothills of North Carolina.  I grew up around music.  My family was gifted with a variety of musicians.  I can remember making homemade ice cream on a late Saturday afternoon in mid summer at a home of family or friends while country and bluegrass music was being played in the living room.  I remember seeing just about every kind of mountain music instrument you could think of – a fiddle, an upright bass, a guitar, a banjo, a dulcimer and a mandolin were just a few.  It was great to sit and listen to the talents of those who loved to play their instrument.

I had no idea that I was being taught about teamwork by listening to music.  That was exactly what was taking place.  I have an audible memory of those mountain musicians putting their skills together and cranking it up.  It was great!

Those instruments by themselves had a unique sound however, when those musicians brought their skills together it could almost hypnotize.  Now I know that there are some who do not appreciate bluegrass and country music but I must confess that it holds a powerful place in my heart.  It is just like the blues musicians I was introduced to when our family moved from the mountains of North Carolina to New Orleans.  When we walked around the French Quarters you could hear the haunting sounds of the blues ringing down the street.  This may sound strange to some people but I found an odd similarity between the sounds of bluegrass and blues.

Music is a perfect example of powerful teamwork.  It is not about the individual alone.  It is about a single person taking their skills, gifts and abilities and combining them with those by their side.

The video below is a collection of great bluegrass musicians who came together as a team.  The introductions in this video are a little lengthy but hang on and give these musicians a chance to show you what real teamwork is all about.  One of the great practices for healthy team development is the recognition of various skills.  When those skills are combined they make great music together.

Dale Roach

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