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Brainstorming Definition for Leaders

Brainstorming Definition for LeadersBrainstorming Definition for Leaders

Brainstorming is a method that generates imaginative and creative solutions to a problem.  With this method, members are encouraged to come up with extreme and in some cases, outlandish methods of solving the problem.  They are encouraged to build on one another’s ideas; criticism of any generated idea is forbidden.  Through this process, members see their individual contribution entering into the decision-making process and thus tend to be more accepting of the final decision.1

Brainstorming Tools

When a team leader encourages the sharing of ideas and creativity among  those he is leading, the group expands beyond itself.

Brainstorming is a process that can bring out the creative, hidden talents of the team, and the “collective mind of the group” is always much greater than that of any one individual.2

Each team member has a vast store of ideas available at any given moment.  Regrettably, this resource often goes untapped.  One can create a flurry of activity by using the dynamics of a group.  The result is frequently the unleashing of the team’s creativity.3

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