Biggest Mistakes That Leaders Make

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Biggest Mistakes That Leaders Will MakeWhat are the biggest mistakes that leaders make today? This seven minute video lays out a clear understanding as to what healthy leaders can be when they understand personal mistakes.

Here are some great quotes from Leadership for Dummies by Marshall Loeb and Stephen Kindel.

“Recognizing your leadership potential is the first step toward leading others. (page 9)

“You can’t be a leader if you are afraid of responsibility and accountability.” (page 10)

“Leaders have the ability to inspire people to go beyond what they think they are capable of doing, making it possible for a group to attain a goal that was previously thought unattainable.  Leaders carry their followers along by

  1. Inspiring their trust.
  2. Acting consistently.
  3. Motivating them by words and deeds.”   (page 10)

After you decide that you can embrace responsibility, leadership requires that you be able to do three things well:

  1. Elicit the cooperation of others.
  2. Listen well.
  3. Place the needs of others above your own needs.”  (page 11)

“Understanding what leadership isn’t is as important as understanding what leadership is, because much of the information circulating about leadership is false.” (page 12)

“Few things get done if people don’t pull together, and little is accomplished without the motivation that leadership supplies.  Thus, you must have a very clear picture of who leaders are and how they emerge.” (page 15)

“Every person has the potential to be a leader…..but you have to choose to be a leader.” (page 15)

‘Leaders are made by circumstance, not by birth or genetics.: (page 16)

“Leadership begins with the willingness to embrace responsibility. (page 16)

“Almost everyone has been a leader, at least for a little while at some time, although they may have not realized it.  For example, almost every parent becomes a leader…..ensuring the well-being and survival of a baby.”  (page 16)

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