3 Positive Behaviors That Will Help Grow A Church

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What Will Grow a Church? How do you grow a church? Why are so many congregations declining in attendance, ministry, and mission support? Dr. Thom Rainer, an expert in church growth and decline, says there are five reasons that churches are not growing. He points out those five points as: 1. Cultural Christianity is declining […]

7 Great Old Easter Hymns That Tell the Story

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7 Old Easter Hymns There are old Easter hymns created through the ages that have told the story of the Resurrection in a beautiful way. The messages and rhythm of early hymn writers tell a fascinating story. In the Bonds of Death He Lay – Martin Luther, 1524 In the bonds of death He lay, […]

18 Bible Verses to Help Keep Your Mouth Shut

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Sometimes it is best to keep your mouth shut.  Talking too much can get anyone into trouble. Here is some simple advice found in the Bible as to when to keep your mouth shut!  In the heat of anger~ Proverbs 14:17. When you don’t have all the facts~ Proverbs 18:13. When you haven’t verified the […]

4 Basic Purposes That Will Create Strong Teamwork

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    How to Create Strong Teamwork How can a leader help to create strong teamwork in their organization, business, or congregation? Can a powerful team approach be created? Here are four basic purposes that can assist in developing a team approach. 1.  Teamwork Must Have An Understandable Purpose To clarify strong teamwork, it first […]

Seduction of Power Kills All Hope to Be a Servant Leader

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Seduction of Power and Servant Leaders How can we be saved from the seduction of power? How can we encourage servant leadership styles within your organization, business or congregation? I recently pulled a book out of my library entitled Leading Edge by Robert Dale. While scanning through the book I came across a section in […]

9 Strong and Powerful Characteristics of a True Servant Leader?

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9 Strong and Powerful Characteristics of a True Servant Leader? True servant leadership!  What is a true servant leader? What are the core principles of a real leader who is willing to serve? How does someone know when they are a strong and powerful servant leader? There have been many seminars, training courses, and books […]

Strong Teaching of the Apostle and Servant Leadership

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Helpful Servant Leader Styles of the Apostle Paul The teaching of the Apostle Paul is a powerful learning tool for those wanting to lead and to serve.  What can we learn from Paul, the apostle and his skill as a servant leadership? Paul, after his conversion on the Road to Damascus, became an early follower […]

22 Characteristics That Help Make A Strong Servant Leader

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What Are the 22 Characteristics of A Strong Servant Leader? What are the characteristics of a strong servant leader? Strong servant leaders know that the greatest call placed upon them is to invest in other people. There is no company, no organization, and no project that is more important than those who are under our […]