7 Reasons Why Clear Communication is Essential

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Clear communication is essential for the good health of any organization, business or congregation. In all the years that I have been in ministry, there is one subject that has caused more trouble than any other. It is bad communication! Clear communication is an absolute necessity for any group of people to achieve their goals […]

10 Characteristics of a Praying Leader

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What does a healthy praying leader look like? What are the characteristics of the prayer life of those who follow Jesus? In an address to the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee in Nashville February 20-21, 2017, Steve Gaines (SBC President) used passages from Acts chapter 3 and 4 to show the characteristics of a praying […]

27 Fantastic Quotes From 7 Interesting Coaches

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27 Fantastic Quotes From 7 Interesting Coaches Have you ever had the chance to work under the leadership of an interesting coach?  Here are 27 fantastic quotes from some great coaches. John Wooden’s Fantastic Quotes Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become […]

9 Characteristics of Jesus as a Coach

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Have you ever thought of Jesus as a coach? It is easy to think of Jesus as a leader, a servant, and a teacher. However, can we see Jesus as a coach? What exactly is a coach? There are many different models of coaching. However, there has never been a model of coaching like Jesus? […]

3 Positive Behaviors That Will Help Grow A Church

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What Will Grow a Church? How do you grow a church? Why are so many congregations declining in attendance, ministry, and mission support? Dr. Thom Rainer, an expert in church growth and decline, says there are five reasons that churches are not growing. He points out those five points as: 1. Cultural Christianity is declining […]

7 Great Old Easter Hymns That Tell the Story

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7 Old Easter Hymns There are old Easter hymns created through the ages that have told the story of the Resurrection in a beautiful way. The messages and rhythm of early hymn writers tell a fascinating story. In the Bonds of Death He Lay – Martin Luther, 1524 In the bonds of death He lay, […]

18 Bible Verses to Help Keep Your Mouth Shut

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Sometimes it is best to keep your mouth shut.  Talking too much can get anyone into trouble. Here is some simple advice found in the Bible as to when to keep your mouth shut!  In the heat of anger~ Proverbs 14:17. When you don’t have all the facts~ Proverbs 18:13. When you haven’t verified the […]

4 Basic Purposes That Will Create Strong Teamwork

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    How to Create Strong Teamwork How can a leader help to create strong teamwork in their organization, business, or congregation? Can a powerful team approach be created? Here are four basic purposes that can assist in developing a team approach. 1.  Teamwork Must Have An Understandable Purpose To clarify strong teamwork, it first […]