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Are You Managing for Results?


Managing for Results

“It is not enough to be busy,” someone once said, “one must get results.”  Helping people get results instead of just going through the motions is what management is all about.  Here are a few suggestions to help you manage for results:

  1. Make sure the right person is in the right job.  People whose skills or training do not fit their jobs will waste valuable time and effort trying to do things they can’t do.
  2. Give associates a clear idea of where their jobs begin and end.  Over-lapping responsibilities often result in duplications of efforts.
  3. Make sure that every person knows the main objectives.  And help them see how their work will help to achieve that objective.  Going off on tangents means wasted time.
  4. Give individual attention to low achievers.  Help those people who mean well, who seem to be busy and to be working, but who don’t usually accomplish much.  Faulty work habits and wrong attitudes must be corrected before these people can contribute fully to the overall effort.
  5. Help associates cut through detail and routine of the heart of the matter.  Too many people get so wrapped up in how to do things that they lose sight of what they ought to be accomplishing.

Source:  Bits and Pieces, Vol. 22, No. 11


People who wait until they feel like doing a job rarely do.


One worthwhile task carried to a successful conclusion is worth a half-a-hundred half-finished tasks. – B.C. Forbes

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Dale Roach

Dale Roach

Dale is the creator of Like A Team and has been working with businesses, charity organizations, volunteer groups and church groups in the development of teamwork for over 25 years. The goal of Like A Team is to help share the knowledge and skills of healthy team creators across the planet.
Dale Roach
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