Are You Getting A Day of Rest?

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Getting a Day of Rest

Day of Rest?

By the seventh day God had finished the work he had been doing; so on the seventh day he rested from all his work.” Genesis 2:2

Regardless of what your week has been like, you are ready for a day of rest.  Every one of us needs a day off from the tasks of a work week.  I had someone tell me once that our brain does not know the difference between good stress and bad stress.  It simply knows that there is stress upon the body.  If your week has been exciting or exhausting you need a break.

I treasure the passage of scripture posted above (Genesis 2:2).  It is a concluding verse of God creating the world.  Now, that was a big job.  Here is a brief outline of how God created the universe and world we live in:

    • Day 1: Night and Day.  (Sunday)
    • Day 2: Sky and Sea (Monday)
    • Day 3: Land and vegetation. (Tuesday)
    • Day 4: Stars, Sun and Moon. (Wednesday)
    • Day 5: Sea creatures, including fish and birds. (Thursday)
    • Day 6: Land animals and people. (Friday)
    • Day 7: The Lord, Creator of the Universe, rested (Saturday)

Everyone needs rest!  The Lord did not create us to work and labor without experiencing the joy of rest.  Even in the ten commandments we are first told to have no other gods to worship, second – have no idols to worship, third – don’t use God’s name in vain and  fourth –  REMEMBER THE SABBATH DAY and keep it holy.

I find it interesting how this law of God ranks.  In fact, I believe that if you keep the law of God to get adequate rest it will keep you from falling prey to the sins that follow on the list like adultery, stealing, killing, lying and coveting.

We are at our best in mind and spirit when we have adequate rest.  Sin usually takes place when we are detached from the Lord and weak in spirit.  Weakness in spirit evolves when we are exhausted.

We are at our worst when we are tired and fatigued.

The Creator of the Universe knew this as he was creating Adam.  Do you really think that God had to take a day off?  That day off was not for Him, it was for those He had created.  He was setting an example for each of us to follow.  So, what are you going to do this weekend?  Do you have a day-off planned? Will you be so tired and exhausted?

Honor the Lord, and don’t forget He loves you.  TAKE A DAY OF REST!  Remember the Sabbath Day and keep it holy!

Dale Roach

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