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Andy Stanley’s 5 Concepts For Next Generation Leaders

andy stanley 300x300 Andy Stanleys 5 Concepts For Next Generation LeadersAndy Stanley is the Pastor at North Point Community Church in Atlanta, GA. He often speaks on and has a passion to prepare the next generations of . Here are his 5 concepts for next generation :

1. Competence
must channel their energies toward those arenas of in which they are most likely to excel.

2. Courage
The leader of an enterprise isn’t always the smartest or most creative person on the team. He isn’t necessarily the first to identify an opportunity.  The leader is the one who has the courage to initiate, to set things in motion, to move ahead.

3. Clarity
Uncertain times require clear directives from those in .  The temptation for young is to allow uncertainty to leave them paralyzed. A next generation leader must learn to be clear even when he is not certain.

4. Coaching
You may be good. You may even be better than everyone else. But without a coach you will never be as good as you could be.

5. Character
You can lead without character, but you won’t be a leader worth following. Character provides next generation with the moral authority necessary to bring together the people and resources needed to further and enterprise.

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 Andy Stanleys 5 Concepts For Next Generation Leaders

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 Andy Stanleys 5 Concepts For Next Generation Leaders
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