A Leader Must Be a Planner

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Church GrowthIf planning is done in Baptist churches, it often consists of the pastor working with the church council to schedule events that will take place three months to a year in the future. They schedule revivals, Vacation Bible School, Easter and Christmas programs. Sometimes there are special events such as homecoming, summer picnics, or some other special program. Most, if not all, of these events are planned for the convenience of the church members. Rarely is there serious thought about the kinds of programming needed to reach the non-believer.

Planning requires the answers to questions like: Who are we trying to reach? What is their schedule? What are their needs? What kinds of ministries are required to meet those needs? What is their educational background? What is their economic standard? What language do they speak?

In early 1997, 15 denominations in Reno, Nevada worked to develop an evangelism strategy for the city. They examined the city, recognizing the city never goes to sleep. Approximately one-third of the work force works the third shift. When all those churches examined their schedule, not one of them had ever thought about planning to reach the “third shift people group.” They expected everyone to meet the churches’ schedule rather than the church meeting the needs of the people. When third shift non-believers, were asked when could they attend a worship service, they responded by saying, “10:00 pm on Sunday night.”

The Chief Executive Officer of a major corporation recently indicated that planning is of such importance for his company that they plan far into the future, but adjust their plans on a daily basis. He said change is coming at such a fast pace, that a three-year plan must be adjusted many times to meet the ever changing demands of the customer.


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