9 Reasons Teamwork Will Not Work

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J9 Reasons Teamwork Will Not Workust because a group of people calls themselves a “team” does not mean that they fulfill the function of that title.  There are many groups that place the word “team” at the end of their title however; it is no more than a fancy name.  Here is a checklist when thinking about the team you belong to.  You are NOT a true team if….

1. Your objectives are not clear and simple for others to understand.

2. Your skills do not complement the group.

3. The group as a whole does not support, encourage and build one another up.

4. You are not able to communicate with the others on the team.

5. You refuse to deal with those who are somewhat difficult.

6. You do not taketime to share ideas.

7. You are the only player.

8. A title is all you have.

9. There are no directives and a clear goal or mission.

Working together is a tremendously powerful resource for any organization, business or church however, simply having “team” on the title is not what it is all about.

Here is the key: To be a team takes work!

This may sound simple, but this calls for a lot of commitment and dedication from each member of your group.  In the end, it is worth your investment.  When this type of commitment takes place you will build strong relationships and friendships along the way.

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