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9 Basic Steps In Dealing With a Dominant Person


Why do some organizations have so much difficulty in creating a productive work environment? After all, when diverse individuals come together with varying skills it would seem that any organization would have great success. However, this is not the case for an overwhelming number of organizations, charity groups, businesses and church organizations.

If you asked the question, “Why is your group failing to succeed?” there often is a  response that implies that one or two people are the problem.

It has been my observation that 99% of any organization of people want to work together. However, one dominant person out of 100 can blow an organization to smithereens.

Here are some basic facts:

  • Most people will avoid a dominant personality at all costs.
  • In avoiding a dominant personality the majority of people simply hope that they will go away.
  • Many people find conflict with a dominant personality to be extremely uncomfortable and would rather walk away than deal with confrontation.

If the three statements above are true, then how do you deal with a dominant person.  Here are 9 basic steps that can help in dealing with a dominant personality:

  1. Work hard to recognize the style of those who are dominant
  2. Try to see life from the dominant person’s perspective
  3.  Do not allow your opinion to be de-valued by a dominant person
  4. Calmly speak your opinion
  5. Don’t back down because of fear
  6. Be firm with respect
  7. Be straightforward when communicating to a dominant person
  8. Develop thick skin and demand respect from strong personalities
  9. Never give someone the authority to “Make you mad or upset”

Dealing with a dominant person is not an easy thing to do, however, it is a needed thing to do in the creation of a healthy teamwork environment.

What is your strategy in dealing with a dominant personality?

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