8 Facts You Need to Know About Failure

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about failure 8 facts8 Facts About Failure

Not many people want to talk about failure.  However, all of us at some time in our life are going to experience failure in some way.

Dale Galloway, in his book, How to Feel Like Somebody Again, gives 8 facts you need to know about failure.

1.  To fail is not the same as being a failure.  Each of us may have many failures in our life but that does not mean we are close to being a failure.

2.  To fail is not the most disgraceful thing many people thinks it is.  To fail at something is simply to be a part of the human race.

3.  Failure is not eternal.  It is only a temporary set back.  Failure is never the final chapter in your book of life.  This can only happen when you give up and quit.

4.  Nothing worthwhile in life is ever achieved without running the risk of failure.  A person who lays it all on the line to try and accomplish something worthwhile and fails is anything but a failure.

5.  Failure is a healthy preparation for success.  Any failure that takes place will prepare us to handle success in a more positive fashion.

6.  Every failing brings with it the possibility that something great is around the corner.  A good study of past failures will reveal seeds that have grown great successes.

7. What an individual does with failure is a personal choice.  Failure can be seen as a blessing or a curse.  This will depend upon the individual’s reaction to it.

8.  Failings are opportunities to learn how to do things better the next time.  Failure will teach a willing student where the pitfalls are and how to avoid them in the future.

Failure can be a powerful teacher.  The overriding goal in learning from a failure is to see it in a positive way.

Do not allow a failing to evolve into a negative mental and spiritual cancer.

John Wooden said it best when addressing the subject of failure,

“Failure isn’t fatal, but failure to change might be.”

What are your thoughts on the subject of failure?

Dale Roach

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