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8 Basic Characteristics of Conflict

8 Basic Characteristics of Conflict8 Basic Characteristics of Conflict

Conflicts are a reality!  Any organization that is experiencing conflict within the organization, has a choice.  Conflict can destroy the organization or this can be an opportunity to create a new direction for the team.

Dealing with the characteristics of conflict calls upon the organization to increase communication, become tolerant to differences and focus on working together for success.  The choice is up to the team!

Here are eight basic characteristics of conflict:

1.  Conflict does not just appear.  Conflicts evolve.

2.  Conflict is like a virus when it appears it begins to spread like crazy.

3.  Conflicts are bred by differing values.

4.  Conflict is energized through opposing interests.

5.  Conflict is fueled by poor communications.

6.  Conflict intensifies when trust breaks down.

7.  Conflict is festered by incompatible goals.

8. Conflicts are encouraged by differing personalities.

Understanding these characteristics of conflict can help any team leader in establishing a strong team.  If conflict can be seen for its positive results it will aid any leader and his or her team.

Conflict can be energizing for a group when it forces people out of their comfort zones.  Conflict can introduce diversity.  Diversity can be seen as a wealth of information if handled in a healthy fashion.  So, once again, conflict can destroy or conflict can grow your team!  The choice is yours.

How does your team deal with conflict?

Do you have a strategy in dealing with differing characteristics of conflict between team members?

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